High Energy Efficiency Buildings: Prospects and Challenges

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High Energy Efficiency Buildings: Prospects and Challenges

April 10, 2013

Speakers: Mr. A. Papadopoulos - AUTh, Mr. C. Maxoulis - ETEK, Mr. N. Hatzinikolaou - Energy Service - University of Cyprus
The Engineer in Society Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 Time: 16:30
Place: Center for Social Activities, Building 7, Room 010, Campus

Five years have passed since the obligation of thermal insulation of buildings and three years since the implementation of the directive on energy efficiency in Cyprus. In fact, the process of reviewing the legal framework is underway, as provided by the new Directive on the Energy Efficiency of Buildings (2010/31 / EC). We are therefore at an appropriate point to take a look at how all these developments have affected the building sector in recent years, but also how they are expected to have an impact in the near future. In this context, among other things, the event will discuss the impact of regulations on scientific research, education and training of engineers, the design and production of new products and the quality of studies and construction. event also falls within the activities of the research project "Performance" Upgrade / Fixed / 0308/33.

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