Academic and Research Supervisors

The main objective of the program is to ensure that all the students will receive adequate and appropriate advising support throughout their studies. The advisory program is fulfilled by:
·   Academic Supervisor: Upon admission to the program and before the first day of registration, every student is assigned, or selected by himself/herself, a temporary academic supervisor from the academic staff of the interdepartmental program. The academic supervisor meets with the student before the first registration to plan the first semester of studies, helps the student to appropriately select courses and oversees his/her academic progress for the rest of his/her studies.
·   Research Supervisor: (this concerns only students who are admitted to the program Master of Science MSc). In order to carry out his/her thesis research, the student must determine a permanent project supervisor who also agrees to undertake the role of academic supervisor. The research supervisor may come from any of the School Departments, regardless of the Department of enrolment of the student. In collaboration with the research supervisor, a suitable thesis topic will be agreed as well as the rest of the student’s study plan. After submission and approval of the thesis proposal, the student, in collaboration with the research thesis supervisor, must form the thesis committee.
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