Degree Award – ECTS system

Students that fulfil the requirements of the program are awarded the title of Master’s from the department from which they have been accepted. The postgraduate program in Energy Technologies and Sustainable Design has been developed based on the ECTS system, after evaluating the individual workload for each activity of each course in order to determine the total credits of each course. Each ECTS credit corresponds to a workload of 25-30 hours.
The way of calculating the credits for each offered course can be described by the following example. If the students choose the course ARH 538 “Environmental Building Design”, the required weekly workload includes: 3 hours of teaching including exercises, no hour of lab and 12 hours of homework. Therefore, in total in one semester, with 13 weeks of teaching, and 1 week of study and preparation for the exams, the following work load is required:
  • Teaching     
:3 x 13 =  39 hours
  • Lab           
:0 x 13 =  0 hours
  • Preparation
:12 x 13 + 12 x 1 = 168 hours

Therefore, the total workload for this course is: 39 + 168 = 207 hours. Therefore, this specific course has a workload of 8 ECTS credits.

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